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6 components for perfect clamping

5 bar compressed air for opening with the air hydraulic pump

  1. Absolutely insensitive to lateral and pull forces that arise. Precision ground support surfaces made of hardened stainless steel for plane-parallel clamping ≤ 0.005 mm.
  2. Hardened piston – the combination of form fit and self-locking results in reliable and constant clamping.
  3. Precision balls for optimal power transmission as well as vibration-inhibiting and wear-resistant use.
  4. Ball support made of stainless steel seals the clamping module against dirt and liquids.
  5. Robust plate springs for maximum pull-in, closing and holding forces.
  6. Module floor with integrated air jet function.
  7. -The low installation depth of the clamping modules of 22 mm permits a height of the base plate of only 28 mm (without blow out, only 24 mm).