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Base gives high stability and extreme
accuracy for your machining



In addition to our standard products, ALLMATIC offers a wide range of customised solutions, each of which can be individually tailored to your machine, workpiece and machining techniques.

The majority of these solutions are monoblocs and set-ups.
Monoblocs are made from a single piece, are long-time gas nitrated and ground and polished on all sides. This ensures a very high stability and produces optimal machining results.
Set-ups are tombstones comprising several standard vices.

The base plates are suitably adapted to ensure exact positioning on the machine table or on a pallet. According to your requirements, we can manufacture base plates with an elevation, with a different spacing of the mounting holes, with a centering mechanism (possibly with a second index) or with a JIS stop system. To give you even greater flexibility, we will manufacture special clamping jaws adapted to the geometry of your workpieces. Similarly, in customised solutions, the clamping force of the spindles can be adapted to suit your machining requirements. In addition to the set-ups for conventional clamping, we can also offer you solutions for clamping unmachined parts. For this, we employ the functions of our  tried and tested T-REX and TITAN vices.