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Scope of application:

  • The classical, universal clamp, for vertical 3 axis machining centres
  • Conventional clamping & grip clamping possible
  • Clamping of raw parts, burn and saw cuts by penetrating hardened and interchangeable grip elements into the workpiece

Customer advantages:

  • Free of charge introduction to grip technology in comparison to conventional clamping (LC)
  • Existing step jaw systems of product series LC/TC/Titan 125 can be used
  • First and second clamping stations without retrofitting the step jaws
  • Clamping of raw parts such as burn & saw cuts (materials up to approx. 1000N/mm2) through screwable clamping applications (first clamping station)
  • Parallel clamping to machined workpieces with the step jaws (2. clamping station)
  • Upgrade to full clamping function with optional clamping jaws

Product features:

  • With grounded jaws, the TITAN SC 125 has the precision which is necessary for machining workpieces
  • Fully enclosed gripp spindle for clamping and forming raw material
  • The high-pressure spindle allows you to, with a mechanical force amplifier (using the torque wrench), to work and clamp to a table
  • Stable GGG 60 body, grounded top and bottom
  • Double-sided M8 thread for workpiece stoppage
  • Precise tracks in the grounded surface of the soles for optimum alignment on the machining table
  • Click-quick-change system for attaching jaws and click parallels
  • Standard with mounting holes for zero point clamping system, Pitch 200

Scope of supply:

  • TITAN SC 125 with step jaws for gripper studs
  • 4 Gripper Studs
  • 4 Side clamps
  • 3 Socket screw wrench

Note: The movable jaw has no pendulum compensation. It is suitable for rectangular workpieces (saw cuts) / / <= 0.5 (concurrency less than or equal to 0.5 mm) or cylindrical workpieces O <= 0.5 (roundness less than or equal to 0.5 mm