Ahire Machine Tools


Centertap threadformer

Thread forming with centertap is the ideal completion of the flow drilling process. After producing the hole/bush we form the DIN-thread in second step. Please note, the thread will be formed, no cutting! It is a chip- less process in which the material is rendered flowable and displaced from the thread root into the crests. It is similar in principle to the rolling of external threads. The Centertap threadformer is a HSS-E tool and available for all common thread sizes as M, MF, BSP, UNC, UNF, etc. The range includes centertaps with and without lubrication flutes, as well as TIN and TiCn coating.
Your benefits:

  • Non-cutting manufacturing process
  • Replace the rivet nuts, Welding nuts and Thread cutting in thin materials
  • No more wobbling, no loosening, no twisting!
  • DIN-thread by thread forming, no cutting
  • Reinforced orientation of the material fibers results in threads that can withstand high drawing forces
  • Highly accurate threads, therefore miscutting is not possible
  • Low wear after multiple connections due to increased hardness
  • 3 to 10 times faster than thread cutting
  • Increased life due to special TIN- and TiCn- coating
  • Reduced friction, less burr formation and scoring
  • Can be automated